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Kirisaki Chitoge tester application

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Kirisaki Chitoge tester application Empty Kirisaki Chitoge tester application

Post by Kirisaki Chitoge on Tue Dec 22, 2015 3:37 pm

1.) Why you wish to be a Tester
I have a lot of experience being either a Tester or Admin from various academies in the past. Having more experienced testers allows for more reasonable and helpful test results while facilitating improvements in the rubric or ruling test as the need arises. Testing can be quite enjoyable since you get to see some very unique decks from better duelists.

2.) Why you think you are suitable
I've been either a Tester, Mod, or Admin at various academies such as Satellar Duel Academy (SDA) and Order of the Dragon Academy (ODA), which were both top 3 in forumotion score at their peak in activity.

3.) How active you will be
I'm going on a 1 week vacation next week, but other than that I can at least log in every day.

4.) What you think the role of a Tester is
Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a duelist to the best of their ability within a match. The ability to see the optimal plays in various scenarios is what makes a Tester good.

5.) What each of the sections of the Testing Rubric means
Status: just the match result
Consistency: the probability of a deck having not only an available play with any given hand, but the probability of strong plays being available
Siding: the quality of the side deck itself, which should be able to deal with the current meta at least to some degree. the effectiveness of the actual siding process depends on the deck matchup and what cards the testee has already seen the tester use. siding many cards is not obligatory; if no siding is necessary for a matchup, siding unnecessary cards would result in a loss of marks.
Originality: meta or non-meta status of the deck. interesting/unique techs in main, side, or extra deck are awarded marks.
Experience with deck: did the testee make the optimal plays with the cards and information they had? did they ever take unnecessary risks, overextend, or fail to capitalize on an advantage?
Deck Construction: reasonable card ratios, quality of techs, effectiveness of each card needs to be high.
Adaption: ability to outplay and anticipate the tester's actions, things that have generally have less to do with what the testee is playing and more to do with what the tester is. example would be purposely not setting cards until later if the testee anticipates a mass-destruction effect like black rose or graydle dragon.
Rulings: result of testmoz quiz, with marks taken off if significant ruling errors are made during the match itself
Attitude: general demeanor, willingness to cooperate with tester in a timely manner

6.) From now on when a person Applies for tester they will have to go through a mock battle. A mock battle is were a person tests a Tester/Mod/Admin as if they were testers and we were students.

pls 1v1 me

Kirisaki Chitoge

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Kirisaki Chitoge tester application Empty Re: Kirisaki Chitoge tester application

Post by Reaper on Tue Dec 22, 2015 3:44 pm

as ninja said in chat bow we arent looking for very many staff but i highly recomend the admins keep you in mind if any spots open up now topic locked as ninja gave her verdict

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