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Effect: If this card is sent to the Graveyard: You can target 1 "Performage" monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon it, its ATK and DEF become 0, then you take 1000 damage. You can only use this effect of "Performage Trick Clown" once per turn.

If you could unban and ban 1 card

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If you could unban and ban 1 card Empty If you could unban and ban 1 card

Post by Farmgirl on Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:47 pm

If you could ban/unban 1 card in the game what would they be and why?

For me:

Ban-I maybe would ban Messenger of the Peace. It's not really because it itself is problematic, but in combo with Gravity Bind and Level Limit Area B and Fire Princess, it can be quite annoying. It prevents a lot of monsters from attacking, thus it allows your opponent to deal a lot of burn damage really easily. It's -100 cost is also very tiny for such its effect.

Unban-I would unban Evilswarm Exciton Knight. I really hate that this card was banned. In terms of offensive abilities, it really didn't have any. If you've already conducted your battle phase, you're opponent probably already has an empty field. Before the battle phase, you won't be able to exploit the field nuke due to not being allowed to inflict damage. The most it could do is get rid of your opponent's field advantage. It was mainly a defensive measure to keep yourself in the game. It also was only ever played at one. I really think this card was balanced and did not warrant banning.

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If you could unban and ban 1 card Empty Re: If you could unban and ban 1 card

Post by LightRook on Sun Nov 08, 2015 9:27 pm

Ban- I would ban Rageki, even though it is only at 1, it really is annoying to face that card because it has no cost, just play and boom opponents monsters are gone.

Unban- I would have to unban Change of Heart and put it at 1, the reason being, yea it has no cost but I would also put it at one, not to mention, there are lots of cards that take control of an opponents monster with a cost so why not have one with no cost to it.

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If you could unban and ban 1 card Empty Re: If you could unban and ban 1 card

Post by Stardog on Sun Nov 08, 2015 10:56 pm

There aren't a lot of cards that simply take control of the opponent's monsters so seamlessly. The only one that does that is Number 11: Big Eye. Which mind you isn't even near as splashable as Change of Heart. Along with it being harder to stop spell cards than monster effects.

"Why not have one with no cost?"

Same logic can apply with Raigeki and Lightning Vortex. Lightning Vortex has a cost and Raigeki has no cost. Yet you want Raigeki banned.

"It's annoying to face that card because it has no cost."

Could this not also be said about Change of Heart?

And you don't have a real reason at all why you think Change of Heart should go to 1 other than "I want it."

"yea it has no cost but I would also put it at one"

Not an valid reason to put the card at 1.
Overall it just seems like you contradict yourself a lot.

As far as my choices.

Ban: Royal Magical Library; This card is used in almost nothing but Exodia, FTK, and Burn decks. Never has this been used in a legitimate deck until Igknights which I don't feel is a reason to keep the card legal.

Unban: Tribe-Infecting Virus; Makes no sense that this card is illegal but Raigeki is legal. It has a cost and destroys by typing so it can destroy your own monsters on the field as well. And must discard 1 card for each type claimed.
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If you could unban and ban 1 card Empty Re: If you could unban and ban 1 card

Post by Terrorking on Mon Nov 09, 2015 9:42 am

Sadly for me this is a hard one for me for one reason, there are many cards that I would like to see removed from the banned section and then plenty of cards I feel should be hit however none of them are ban worthy and at most should be limited. There for thanks to my handy dandy dice roller I used that to choose which card I'd like to discuss.

Ban: Royal Magical Library ~ I'm completely with Stardog on this one. It's a problematic card that doesn't see any play in any other decks besides FTKs, OTKs, and Draw power decks as it contributes to most of the troll decks that have already been hit on the banlist.

No longer Banned: Cyber-Stein ~ Now this isn't a piggy back off the OCG, I've actually tested a modern day Cyber-Stein OTK deck in Unlimited. I can easily tell you that Cyber-Stein is not a threat. There are so many cards needed for the set-up of the OTK that unless you get them all chances are you're going to lose before you get them. Plus even if it was legal and it wasn't in a OTK deck it's cost is 5000 LP. That's an extremely heavy cost. At best you're left with 6000 LP and that's only taking into consideration if your opponent activated three upstarts in that duel and didn't deal damage to you. Sure you're able to use it once again, however even if you do use it for a second time you're left with 1000 LP. Sure you might be able to FTK now assuming your opponent has a nearly clear field but with the way decks work today and that's including non-meta decks they'll run into something problematic. Plus the 5000 LP is a cost, we have cards like Effect Veiler and Breakthrough skill. So you pay that cost and run into one of them, well you're gonna probably lose at that point. You just wasted your normal summon, lost 5000 LP and have a weak monster on board with your opponent able to go ham on you for practically free for them by using simple tech cards. Sorry but I see no problem with taking him off the list.
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If you could unban and ban 1 card Empty Re: If you could unban and ban 1 card

Post by DoubleD2 on Mon Nov 09, 2015 7:32 pm

Ban:Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer ~ Personally, I feel as though this card should see the axe. It's no Exciton knight, but , at least to me, it fills the roll that lavalval chain did, except a lot faster, and it does it for more meta decks than chain could have hoped to do. It searches, and it searches way to hard. I'm all for generic cards making all decks better, but the support and synergy this card creates in the current meta is cancerous. It fills up the extra deck with pendulum monsters for no cost, considering you get a copy of the same card, which in turn can be used with this card in the pendulum zone to special summon it to the field. The problem relies it its restrictions and mechanics. Pendulum monsters go to a place where they become always available for almost no cost within the extra deck. In addition, this card has no restrictions to what pendulum monster it hits. Notable targets are Flame Mascot, another copy of itself, and Peromapal Pendulum Sorcerer. Combined with a spell designed to specifically search this card, it does more for all pendulum decks than Lavalval chain ever could for all decks (Excluding Infernity). Did I mention its a level 4?

No longer Banned: Thousand-Eyes Restrict ~ Fusions that require 2 nigh unsearchable cards have long since fallen from the graces of yugioh, with even the Dark Magician Fusions being all but unplayed. With requirements of a level 1 0/0 normal monster and a Ritual monster, Thousand-eyes Restrict would find problems with-in today's meta, considering that there is no Restrict archetype. It is a card that should have been freed a long time ago, and with the cards that have been made, has no purpose but prosperity of being on the Banlist. Relying on specific and hard to gather Fusion Materials, it's one redeeming quality is its dominating (but nigh irrelevant) effect. It can absorb any creature on the field, making its stats replace its own 0/0, and prevents ALL OTHER CARDS FROM ATTACKING. Back in the day, this, along with cards like Metamorphosis. is what got the card banned. However, in a meta defined by card destruction effects, effect negations, and generally card removal, protecting this card is not worth the time. aside from decks running this for fun, it might see a one of in decks with Instant Fusion, being a non-destruction card monster removal at the end of the turn. Assuming you can even target the monster you want to absorb. This card's power has fallen way off, and would only see true power plays in the lowest tiers of yugioh, which lack the powerful effects of today's meta. Even Cloudians would have a good match-up against this card. In short-


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If you could unban and ban 1 card Empty Re: If you could unban and ban 1 card

Post by Kirisaki Chitoge on Tue Dec 22, 2015 3:06 pm

im going to necro this thread

BAN: Performapal Pendulum Wizard
its not even TCG and i dont really follow OCG but this shit is so cancer i want it outta here already

UNBAN: El Shaddoll Construct
bring my favorite(?) deck back :^(

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If you could unban and ban 1 card Empty Re: If you could unban and ban 1 card

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